Thursday, March 28, 2013

View Our Route on Google Earth!

We have spent the last few weeks working hard to plan our route. We have spoken with resources from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Minnesota Trails Magazine, and the Department of Natural Resources to plan a feasible route. So here it is! We will take the Mississippi River Trail (MRT) out of Minneapolis and will continue to follow the MRT for approximately 240 miles up to Grand Rapids. We will then catch the Mesabi Trail to Hibbing, and from there we will jump on HWY 37 for the last stretch to Camp Warren on Half Moon Lake. The total trip will be around 300 miles!

We have highlighted our route using Google Earth and have two options to share with you. First, we have provided you with an image of our route which can be enlarged by clicking on the image. Second, if you want more detail, there is a link below that will direct you to the actual Google Earth file. 

Instructions to access the file: 
1) Make sure you have Google Earth (free) installed on your computer (
2) Click on this link to download the file 
3) Open the "Route Final" file

Portage To Warren Route

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We Appreciate Your Help

Donate Here!!

Our donation website is officially active! As we discussed in our first post, we are embarking on this challenging portage in hopes of raising funds to support Camp Warren scholarships. The YMCA has graciously provided us with a donation webpage. This webpage gives you a secure and easy way to make donations online and will allow everyone to view our donation progress (total raised will be updated weekly).

We fully understand that donations are not always a possibility. If this is the case for you, we invite you to help us by spreading the word of our fundraiser to other friends and family who may have similar values to you.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Reid and Abe