Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sun Sailor Article!

I think most of you saw it through our Facebook page, but as promised, our article was published yesterday! Please check it out. We are very happy with our progress this far. We are just about at $4,000 and have more committed.

Both of us are excited to get on the road in three weeks so that we can start posting pictures, stories, and updates. Lately it's just been plan, plan, plan.

Hope to have more updates for you soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Exciting news!

This morning Ryan and I got a call from the Sun Sailor Newspaper and were told they wanted to write an article on our trip! We interviewed with the reporter for 10-15 minutes and they are going to run an article next Wednesday the 17th of April which will be available electronically and in print. We will be sure to send you the link once we have it.

We have reached out to other newspapers and news stations and hope to hear back from them as well. In the meantime, I think it's time to get in a good workout and watch the Masters!

-Reid and Abe

Donation Update

Hey there,

We've been busy that last few weeks just keeping things rolling and you all deserve an update on our progress! We want everyone to know that the donation site is fully functional except for the total raised dollar amount. We are working hard to get that fixed but until then we will have to update you through our blog and Facebook. As of April 3rd we had raised nearly $2,000! And that doesn't include any of the last 9 days of donations.So we are excited to see what the new numbers are as soon as we get them.

In other news, we have created a Facebook page which will be another way to keep track of our progress, so please "like"

As always we appreciate all your support.

Reid and Abe