Monday, April 13, 2015

8 Days to Go

Today is about shopping.  As many of you know I am packing my food out on this trip and being a healthy chef I am really going out of my way to make this food nutritious, balanced, and delicious.  I spent my morning mixing dehydrated brown rice and beans with Mexican spices and dried tomato paste for an awesome meal.  I've also got one I'm really excited about!  It's quinoa with dehydrated pre cooked navy beans, coconut milk powder, garam masala, curry, mustard seeds, shredded unsweetened coconut!  I'm hoping to add some dried apricots to that one!

Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods today followed by HOURS of dehydrated meal recipe creation and bagging.  I finally got to the Town Guides section in Yogi's Guide to the CDT and feel a lot more confident in my decision making abilities for how many days of food to plan for.  That was a huge stress for me.  I'm also aware that I won't always be correct as things change and minds change, so I'll be looking to supplement meals from grocery stores and hiker boxes (where hikers dump things they don't want or need like food and gear).

I got my pack in the mail the other day and seriously guys ULA!!  They will get it done and fast!  I ordered it and within 2 days had in on my doorstep.  Really amazing.  Short post for now!  I'll be looking to post some of my recipes on here as I go along, especially if they turn out well!

Maybe I'll find myself working the OCC (Out of Camp Camping) program at Warren one day and can pass along some great food finds.  Or I could do that anyway!

Until next time!

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