Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How I'm Prepping

These days have been busy days.  In almost exactly one month, I will be stepping onto the dry, treeless expanse of the New Mexico desert.  I am feeling the time crunch to get all my things together.  I have a big presentation at the Bloomington REI tomorrow, Thursday, to talk about what I'm doing and why.  I'm really excited and hope lots of people can come and support.  Hopefully we'll get some people to join the donation train!

SO, what exactly AM I doing to plan these days?

  • Dehydrating tons and tons of fresh veggies
    • I don't want to have that low nutrient rich diet a lot of thru hikers subsist on, and I can't help myself.  I want to make delicious foods that I can share with any hikers I meet along the way
  • Dehydrating tons of fresh fruits
    • Think pineapples, apples, bananas, pears, raspberries, lemons, limes, oranges.  Some of the citrus has gotten blended up into a powder, while others are going to be kept to soak in my water bottles to add taste and vitamin C
  • Making delicious dehydrated snacks as healthy treats
    • Coconut macaroons, when dried are super light and quite calorie dense, great nutrition profile too.  Fruit leathers from apples, bananas, and raspberry puree.
  • Making green powders from dried greens
    • So far I haven't mastered making this taste very good....I think it's going to be a chugging in the morning sort of thing.  Just get some hardcore nutrients and anti-oxidants into my body
  • Making/ putting together electrolyte drink powders
    • Taste is off.  This is the dried citrus, blended with salt and powdered honey.  The piths threw off the taste.  I'll be mixing it with a more commercial electrolyte mix to even out the taste
  • Researching last bits of equipment I will need to pick up before heading out, like an ice axe...
    • I'm actually excited about that
  • Dreaming about forgetting to bring shoes and waking up in a panic
    • Or a compass, or enough clothes, or being in the wrong state
  • Starting my route planning
    • How many miles am I going to average.....?
  • Getting addresses sorted out for the first leg of my journey
    • Mail on trail is like the holy grail!


  1. Hi Lia! I'm excited to find your blog. I'm planning to hike from Cumbres Pass to the Tetons from June 30 to middle of September. So I'll probably be behind you all the time and won't see you. But I'm thrilled to read about how you're prepping your food. I'm doing much the same, dehydrating a lot, to eat healthy on the trail. Lots of veggies, which I'll make into soup, beans or lentils and rice with dehydrated sauces and salsa, and fruit. I'll also take a lot of nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, spirulina, seeds for sprouting, multigrain porridge for breakfast, and homemade Lara bars. Looking forward to reading your blog.

    1. Hi Tozey! I'm so glad you're following along on here! And it's awesome that you're also focusing on a healthy diet while on trail. I'll leave you hellos in the trail ledgers if I am in fact ahead of you! I need to get some more sea veggies, though I did find a huge bag of chopped wakame at a Korean store for very cheap that I am excited about. I'm thinking powdered Miso and seaweed will be a nice addition to many dishes!