Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 1-3 Silver City - Double Zero

Day 7: What a chill day.  I spent a lot of it by myself enjoying my book, icing my foot, and general maintenance.  Everyone went for burritos in the morning and running their own errands on bikes that Nick leant them.  I minded my business mostly.  I eventually joined Hot Springs for some town duties including going to the awesome natural foods co-op.  Then I hung out with Nick at his work spot and got to know his friend Marisa, who is also awesome.  I got a tour of the town and got to know Nick a bit better.  He lived at Eco, the house I was living in in Chicago, years ago with some of my friends who are still there.  We had fun connecting the dots of history and updating some stories of people he used to hang out with.  
(Nick and I in Silver City. He gifted me the Pashmina scarf)

There was a dance party that night at The Toad, but I ended up crashing early at 9:30pm, which is late for a hiker, so no dance party for me.  I had collected a few more hikers too, Pacer and Threshhold.
(Sanjay is friends with my cousin Geritt! Small world!)
(Hiker trash at the bar)

Day 8: My group headed out today in the morning.  It looked like Lala wanted to stay another day to rest her blister ridden feet, but she is hiking with her boyfriend Day Man and I think is pushing herself to keep up more than her body wants to.  The population of the apartment shrank a lot after that.  It was quieter.  2 more hikers, Porsche and J.W. joined us for the last night.  I spent most of the day with Pacer.  It was nice to have the opportunity to hang out with someone who was more introverted.  Any introvert will admit to the relief of finding another introvert to spend time with.
(Threshhold and I icing our feet)
(Hemp milk chai!!)

There was bike race happening that whole weekend and today was the day they would be doing city circuits.  So we wnjoyed all the festivities, live music, food stands, fresh lemonade, lots of people and music.  We also enjoyed a local cafe that had hemp milk chai lattes!  I was happy!  I bought a pair of crocs as my in town and in camp shoes since my makeshift insole shoes were not doing it for me.  I also invested in a pair of bigger and sturdier Merrell shoes for Colorado, so they should be shipped over to Chama soon.  That will be nice as my feet have grown a bit already.  They need more toe room!

(Bike race!)
(Burrito drive and walk through. Also where to find new arrival CDT hikers)
(Little kids race)
(Live music, local band)
(Local sellers)

Tomorrow I head out.  We'll see how my arch fares.  I hope I'm not leaving too soon.  It is still really sore, but I did get some gel insoles, which BigFoot reccomended since he was having the same issue I was having and these insoles helped.  Overall, the 2 rest days were very necessary.  My blisters healed and are doing great, my sore muscles are feeling better, and my sunburned skin is getting some TLC.

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