Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 3 Day 9 Silver City En Route to Doc Campbell's

The final group in the apartment, Pacer, Threshhold, Porsche, J.W., and I headed out early.  We tried to clean up as best we could and also drop off any extra hiker gear at the visitor's center where the hiker box was located.  I grabbed a last Hemp Milk Chai from Javalina Coffee to sip on for the road walk out of town.  I did about 22 miles today, which I was happy with.  The first long while was basically walking through the suburbs of Silver City, which was rather pretty.  I got to see some elk prancing around in someone's yard.  The babies were very cool.

(Sitting by the stream having a foot break)

The water was finally plentiful! What a treat!  We were heading toward the Gila River so the water should become more readily accessible, which was very exciting.  It's nice to not have to worry about where you're going to get your next drink of water, or how many liters you need to carry to survive the next day or day and a half.  When we got to the second water source, a nice stream of flowing water on large flat rocks, I decided to take a longer break.  I made myself some lunch, cheese and tortillas, trail mix, a Fig Bar, and lay down my tired body on the warm rocks.  Not too long after getting relaxed with my feet elevated on top of my pack, J.W. and Porsche arrived to refill.  And then rain?  Yup, rain. Very cold rain suddenly strated dumping.  At first I thought it would just be a quick drizle, but it was heavier than expected.  It didn't last too long, but long enough that I threw my pack cover on and my rain coat and got chilled.  It cleared up quickly but there was a low rumble o thunder and some not too nice looking clouds nearby.  I was not pleased.  J.W. and Porsche had hidden under their umbrellas until it passed.  I'm getting an umbrella.  Threshhold showed up soon after and then, out of nowhere, a man called Highlight popped his head around a rock!
(Porsche talking to Highlight and checking out his garden)
(He makes things grow in this desolate place!)
(So cool)

He lived in the area.  from what I understood he was part of a monestary and had a vow of silence most of the yeat, but had 2 months to break it. He chose the hiker season to talk.  And boy does he talk!  Quite the talker!  It was very interesting though.  He has been living basically in the middle of nowhere for 16 years, making it work for his needs.  Once a year he gets a ride out to Albuquerque to restock anything and everything.  Otherwise he has to be self-sufficient.  He has even developed a method to grow vegetables in the barren soil there.  He showed us and explained it all.  So interesting.
(Go this way)

The tour was dragging a bit and I was feeling the need to push more miles that day.  I was hoping to catch my friends at Doc Campbell's.  I said my goodbyes and headed back to the trail.  I got a few miles in before I heard thunder and saw lightning.  Ahhh!  Not good!  It freaked me out because this was my first time when I knew I'd be camping alone and I did not want to be alone in a thunderstorm for my first time.  I somehow managed to stay between 2 storms and found a great camping spot.  I watched the sunset as I ate some tune with spices.  I wasn't too hungry, so this was all I could manage.
More photos:
(Kissing rocks!)
(Too cool)
(My lonely campsite for the night)
(My sunset view)

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