Wednesday, June 3, 2015

May 13 Day 19 Pie Town and Out

(This is the only picture I took today for some reason. Apologies for the lack of pictures and also it makes clear hiker priorities)

I woke up in the middle of the night wondering where I was.  I figured I was cowboy camping since I couldn't see the tent walls around me, but the strange positioning of the light around me was confusing.  It was dark aside from some vague lights coming from somewhere.  The moon? Someone's headlamp?  Where was I?  Slowly the room came into focus and I remembered that I was inside a house.  The Toaster House.  On a couch.  Phew.  No need to panic. My eyes closed again and I fell back asleep as my heart rate slowed again.

In the morning I heard the sounds of someone making breakfast in the kitchen.  Breakfast is such a great idea at 6am!  I made my way to the kitchen with my book to allow my appetite to develop a bit more and see what people were doing.  I've been thoroughly enjoying The Glass Castle  by Jeannette Walls.  I dug into it as Dylan, the thru biker made eggs and english muffins from the supply in the fridge.  I am still so impressed with how well the people of Pie Town keep this place stocked for us hikers.  As more people filtered into the kitchen and my hopes of making good progress with my book faded, I had some sunny up eggs and english muffins.

After morning reconnection with everyone, we made our way to the Cafe for 2nd breakfast, which is always bigger than 1st breakfast.  Pancakes and eggs and bacon!  Yum yum! The owner wasn't too pleased with my need for a phone conversation with my mom, so he brusquely asked me to take my conversation outside.  Oops!  There isn't any wifi that I can get except for at the Cafe, so it greatly restricted my placement of phone conversation, but I made it work.  This also restricted my blogging ability.

When I got back to the Toaster House, more hikers had arrived and the place was feeling crowded as the new replaced those heading out.  I had the opportunity to check the weather and saw some bad weather coming in in a few days.  Actually, in just enough days to get to Grants if I left today, so it did not take much effort on the part of SpoonMan to convince me to leave.

He had just gotten in today and was planning to leave after a shower and resupply, so after mentally preparing myself for a much quicker break than initially planned and getting all my stuff into my pack, we headed out.  One thing that is really nice about thru hiking is that you can pack out town food, so we stopped at the Cafe and got some to go hamburgers and packed them into our packs for dinner later.  Yah!

It was a lot of road walking, and eventually Hot Springs caught up with us and we all kept each other in good humor and good company.  Road walking can be very monotonous and tedious, but being with fun people makes it a lot better!  The time flies and the boredom can't set in.

I'm glad to be hiking with Hot Springs and Spoon Man.  12 miles out of town, not bad for a chill town day.  We've been more adamant about stretching to prevent shin splints, which Spoon Man and I were feeling a bit already.  So stretching and some coconut oil for my dry legs then sleep!

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