Wednesday, June 17, 2015

May 18 Day 24 El Malpais - Mesa Alternate into Grants

(Hot Springs and Scallywag)

Only my nose was exposed to the air.  The rest of my sleeping bag was tightly cinched around my face, protecting as much of my skin from the cold air as possible.  The temps had dropped substantially over night and a frost had settled over my sleeping bag.  I woke up every hour after the sun came up and noticed that neither Hot Springs nor Scallywag were moving from their sleeping bags so I would just go back to sleep.  Eventually I woke up to Scallywag making hot cocoa and decided it was about time to get moving.  I don't even remember what time that was at, but it was one of the latest mornings I'd had on trail.  What a treat.  With the big storm that had just added tons more snow to Colorado, we were in no rush to get anywhere, so why not sleep in on a frosty morning to let  our sleeping bags melt and dry?  I proceeded to make some hot cocoa myself.  The first hot drink of trail for me!

We took our time, leisurely walking up to the Mesa, on the Mesa, and down the Mesa.  Lalalalalala!  Just lots of silly banter and chit chat.

We got into Grants (for the second time) just as another storm was coming in.  Amazing timing for us!  Not 5 minutes after we stepped into KFC for some hiker calories, the thunder started rumbling and the rain started pouring.  Wow.  Seriously amazing timing.  We decided then and their that we were going to stay the night in Grants instead of leaving that day, which was our original plan.  KFC had a special deal, a whole red velvet cake with a 10 or more meal order.  Of course we got that and demolished it!

Carol Mumm came and picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel, the Travelodge, where we attempted to use the broken hot tub.  It was broken so not very hot and therefore a potential health hazard I guess.  The manager kicked us out for that reason and we dejectedly headed back tot he room where we showered and hung out with Tails, Chaps, and their (soon to be triple crowned) dog Skeeter.  Hot Springs had hiked with them earlier and so was exceptionally excited to see them again.
(Me, Skeeter the dog, and Scallywag)

Out tomorrow.  Time to start making our way toward Colorado!

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