Monday, June 29, 2015

May 28 Day 34 Leaving Ghost Ranch

We enjoyed the breakfast buffet one more time before heading to the computers for a last blog update and facebook scan. We said our goodbyes to Grim and Bear Claw while also meeting some new arrivals, Twinkles, Ducky, and Badger. We hoped we would see Grim and Bear Claw again, figuring they would catch us in a day or so.  We'd take it easy, nice and slow. There was a big river crossing in this stretch that we had heard was up to your waist, so we wanted to all be together for that.
(Cool cabin just outside of nearby Ghist Ranch)

We left at 1:30 and hiked for the hottest part of the day. It WAS hot, so we took a long break at the top of a canyon, encountering day hikers and painters.  It was a very chill day, just making it short of the water source by 8 to camp.

The moon was very bright tonight and shone through the branches creating beautiful patterns on the ground around us as we ate our couscous and talked about Alaska. Guy had a dream to hike in Alaska and see the wilderness there, while I had done my last trip, a 40 day backpacking trip through YMCA Camp Menogyn, in the Gates of the Arctic National Forest there. My guide, Mo, said it best, "the only thing bigger than the mountains are the clouds." It is a wilderness like I have never experienced before or since.  Alaska is wild.

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