Saturday, August 8, 2015

June 1 Day 38 Perfect Sunrises into Chama

Perfect sunrises may only come once in a lifetime. You may be privileged enough to experience more than one perfect sunrise in your life. If so, give everyone around you the biggest bear hug you can muster because perfect sunrises fill you up with love to the point that it overflows and needs to be directed. Give it to those who have fewer perfect sunrises in their lives. I had a perfect sunrise today.

Twinkle, Ducky, and Badger left before me and Guy this morning, as we journaled and let the sun warm us slowly. We had cowboy camped last night, not afraid of the thunderstorms nearby. That's a lie. I was worried about getting rained on. BUT, we didn't get rained on and instead enjoyed a perfect night of cowboy camping, no shelter above us, just our sleeping bags and all of my clothes on. 11,000 ft is cold.

It was 18 miles to the road we were to hitch on. 18 miles, no problem. Not so much. It was some of the hardest miles I've done so far. Miles and miles of potholing through deep snow. And while Guy seemed to float above the snow, I consistently fell through it. I somehow managed to avoid impaling myself with the branches of trees hidden under the snow, though I did have a few close calls.
(Trying to smile while post holing)

The clouds were building above us and we could even hear distant thunder. We both prayed silently that we wouldn't be caught postholing under a storm. Our weather luck had held out pretty well so far, but it wasn't going to today! The storm inevitably moved over us and we rocked out to Spice Girls as we tried to make our slow way up toward Cumbress Pass and into Colorado.

Just as we passed the border of New Mexico the storm clouds cleared and the sun emerged! Seriously? It really does feel like I'm in a movie sometimes. It really did clear up just as we made it to the border. We took pictures, drank a mini shot of whiskey, Guy's first, and made our way out of the snow toward the highway.
(The state border!)
(The view before dipping down to Cumbress Pass)
(It's always Christmas here)

The first truck that came our way stopped and gave us a ride back to New Mexico into Chama, where we booked it to the nearest pizza place and gorged on warm food! 
(The hitch into Chama)
(We ate it all)

Twinkle and his friends had taken an alternate that pretty much completely avoided the snow, so they got in hours before us!  UGH!  To know that is had been avoidable kinda kills you inside.
(Guy, Twinkle, Guthrey, Badger - far right- and Ducky -near right)

We met them at the hostel in town and bought some drinks and food for the evening.  What an exhaustingly glorious day! Now it was time to decide what to do about Colorado.

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