Monday, August 17, 2015

June 17 Day 54 & June 18 Day 55 - Welcome to the Bob

June 17 in East Glacier became an unplanned Zero Day. We were a bit disorganized with our resupply, and decided to stay at the Hostel one more night as thunderstorm rolled in.

June 18 we had 30 miles planned. We were going to heading out of Glacier National Park and moving into The Bob Marshall Wilderness. The Bob is one of the longest and most isolated stretches we would be experiencing. There is an option to resupply at a place called Benchmark, but Guy and I had decided to do all 170 miles in one go. Our packs were heavy. We wanted to push as many 30 mile days as we could in order to make it through more quickly. The bears were supposed to be bigger here. We got an early start and ended up catching up with Scout in the thick of the overgrown greenery. Sometimes you couldn't even see the trail, the plants were so enveloping. We sang songs an told stories to make the grabbing plants more bearable.

Halfway through, 15 miles, we got to a trail head, Marias Pass, where Frodo was waiting with the RV to pick Scout up. They had a wedding to officiate in Alaska and would be heading out from there. Grim had a friend visiting him from Asheville, NC, so he was taking a few days in East Glacier. Apache had passed us along the way and was enjoying the trail magic Frodo was providing, hot cocoa and fresh fruit an veggies. After a long lunch, Guy and I headed out, Apache already far ahead. We gave hugs to Scout and Frodo and wished them well in Alaska.

Then we entered The Bob. The Bob was my low point on trail. The Bob was when I thought I was done. I was going to quit, to head home. The Bob almost broke me.

We did 28.7 miles that day.

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