Saturday, August 8, 2015

May 30 Day 36 The River Crossing

Leftover hot chocolate is amazing the next morning. In case you didn't know that. And that is how we started our morning. With reheated hot chocolate!  Oh and then we decided to add freeze dried strawberries and granola! OmNOMNOMNOM!  SO good! It's about the small things out here.  Anything to make a meal more memorable or different than the last 20 meals you've had.
(Just another day filtering water)

It was a pretty chill day overall, as they have been of late.  A mix of dirt roads and trail with many trees and occasional fields of tall grass. We knew we had our "epic" river crossing today so we were mentally preparing ourselves for it. Barclay had been talking it up for a while, showing us pictured from Facebook friends ahead of us on the trail who claimed it to be chest height.  The bridge, we knew through the same sources, had been wiped out, washed down stream, unusable. This is also the day we expected Grim and Bearclaw to catch up to us.  If we had done the math correctly based on their speed and daily mileage, they should be here by now.

The river crossing came and went.  It was as memorable as that, fortunately and unfortunately.  We were kinda prepared for a big adventure.  The water was about thigh high, refreshingly brisk, and the current wasn't that fast.  That was that.

Honestly, I was rather tired of the fear-mongering out here.  This was my last straw.  I was done with it. Generally speaking, the conditions are never as bad as people make them out to be.  For what reason, I am not sure, but I have a feeling it has to do with the desire to tell stories.  Not in a bad way, but in a human way.  Trail brings out the most human traits within us, and story-telling is such a part of human culture and communication. People want to have a story to tell. People want their lives to be interesting. People are out here to have adventures and to add spice to their lives.  People want everything to seem a tad more dramatic than it really is. They want a story to tell. They want to entertain. Not intentionally misleading stories, but slightly over dramatized.

In other news, we saw horses and a porcupine today. I have not seen enough porcupines in my life.  What cute critters.  They waddle slowly, knowing that most animals can't attack them successfully. I wonder if we would move more slowly in life, enjoying the little things, if we weren't constantly afraid of things, being fired, not earning enough, being judged, the scary news reports, social status....

We ended our day by a big lake.  Toilets and picnic tables abounded, as did the people.  People fishing mostly, giving us funny looks. We decided to cook dinner there and enjoy the late sunset, but eventually headed back to where we belong, in the trees.

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