Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 1 - Blustery Beginning

To begin our trip we had a wonderful mid-morning send off at the Coon Rapids Damn. It felt great to close the planning chapter of our adventure and finally get on the road. At 10:30am Meg, Dave, Allison, and family gave us a warm send off. In true Minnesota fashion we started our walk in mid-40 degree weather with strong head winds. We quickly realized that without somebody steering the bow of the boat it was nearly impossible to portage...period. In our previous life, portaging generally consisted of tall pines and beautiful birches. Today we found ourselves surrounded by amazing stoplights and picturesque sidewalks - but at least we still knew the road was headed to north country.

By early afternoon we had crossed from urban to rural. The landscape turned from solid concrete to expansive farm land. The change of scenery to our left and the roaring Mississippi on our right made for a beautiful end to the day.  All told we traveled 11 miles, encountered a few curious passerby's, and obtained a fresh excitement for days to come.

Nothin gonna change my mind
I’m walking a different highway
Nothin gonna change my mind

I’m traveling a different line

- The Avett Brothers

 Nothin' to it, but to do it

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