Friday, May 10, 2013

My Camp Timeline

I (Reid) thought it would be fun for you all to see some pictures from my past at camp. Luckily many of them included Abe so you'll get some of him too! Enjoy!

Head off to my first year with my buddy Dougie on the left
First year cabin list. Notice Captain Dave Searl in the lineup!

Charlie Mandile and I hanging
Brian Crabb as my intermediate counselor

Trace Prael and I after we led a long border together my first year on staff (2002)

Abe helping me load a pack on our long border arrival

Abe using his huge muscles and adrenaline to complete a great one-up!

Big Smiles after a great and difficult trip
Long border photo 2002

Last year staff photo. Apparently they were more lenient with our pictures! I'm pretty sure Abe had his toe in his mouth i his...

Playing a little House of the Rising Sun with god sister Fish
Return from Abe and my long border (2008) - Bryce looks strikingly like Abe

Big return hug from Erik Solhaug

Trace and legendary Joe Cline drove all the way from Seattle for our welcome back!

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