Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 14 - Two Becomes Three

Once again we were filled with sun as we crawled out if the tent. We got an early start and headed on a backroad up to the small town of Cayuna. About the time we reached the town our hiking friend Mike caught up with us. We were both on our way to Aitkin so he decided to join us for the day.

It was refreshing to have a third person join the conversation. We asked Mike all about his travels up the Mississippi and asked which parts were his favorite sections. He mentioned parts of Illinois and Wisconsin into Winona, MN.

Mike wanted to be helpful and asked if he could take a few turns on the canoe. We had fun having him portage for his first time ever! Mike was a fast walker when he was under the canoe; I assume his rational was as long as I'm feeling pain I might as well walk as quickly as I can. Abe was nearly at a small jog along side him with the pack.

We ended the day exhausted in Aitkin. Tomorrow is the Gensmer - Villano wedding. Abe and I are headed down to the cities and are guessing at all the camp people we might get to see!

No post tomorrow as we will not be on the road.

Nothin' to it, but to do it.

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