Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 6 - Maiden Voyage

Hardest day yet. Today was our first day in full camping mode. Our pack weighed 45+ pounds which made being the pack guy just about as hard as the canoe guy. We had to slow our hourly pace and take many more breaks. Nonetheless we finished at 11 miles, just south of Rice.

Today was our canoes ("The Hitchhiker") first day in the water! At the end of the day our campsite was on the opposite side of the river. We had some trouble finding a public water access. Luckily we asked a man in his yard if we could go through their back yard and he said yes. What he didn't mention was that we had to take the canoe down the smallest and steepest flight of stairs I've ever seen. At one point the man and Abe hoisted the canoe over the railing and I had to hold the entire canoe above my head and lower it in to the water. I'm sure it would've been pretty comical for an onlooker.

Abe and I are currently at a beautiful camp site along the river having a fire. We are both so tired that, even we, can't strike up a conversation of any length. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we are going to pray for good weather. Next town is Little Falls in two days.

Nothin' to it, but to do it.

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